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Immerse yourself in Yoga

      Practicing yoga can benefit the body, soothe the nervous system, and calm the mind.

      You have the capacity to balance and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

      Therapeutic yoga classes can help you recover from physical trauma and illness.

      Yoga offers a way to observe ourselves as we improve our overall health.

All classes encourage participants to find relaxation within yoga poses. 
All classes include meditation and relaxation time.
Explanation of yoga poses and theory is incorporated into classes.
Special classes are offered for those with physical limitations.

BEGINNERS:    Classes offer detailed instruction about how to ease into basic yoga poses.   
                      Gentle guidance is given as you learn how to breath properly.
                      Diaphragmatic breathing is explained and practiced throughout classes.
                      We take steps to calm the mind as we stretch and tone the physical body.

INTERMEDIATE:   Classes build upon basic poses, techniques and proper alignment.
                          We begin to practice gentle yoga sequences.

ADVANCED:      Classes offer deeper immersion into yoga.  

Harness the natural healing power of your body, mind, and spirit.

New clients are currently being accepted.

Member of the Yoga Alliance

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TLF Yoga
Allentown, PA  18106
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